Uniform Object is a New York City based collection of fine jewelry & wares founded by David Farrugia.

Below is an excerpt from David's interview with WONDERLAND MAGAZINE, where he discusses his background & latest capsule collection "ANACHROME" :

Uniform Object is the name on everyone’s lips. The luxury jewelry brand has graced the likes of Bella Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, and Chloe Bailey – and Uniform Object’s new holiday collection shines and sparkles as brightly as the rest of its roster.

‘Anachrome’ sits between the past and the present – focusing on the contrast of ‘Ancient Futurism’. While being transported through the collection’s wormhole, we’re reminded of elements from the past, present, and future. Conjuring up brightly coloured gems, they’re juxtaposed with 18k gold – sealing the deal with an ultra chrome shine finish. In the collection’s accompanying visuals, Uniform Object explores the glamorously grunge spirit that inspires its founder David Farrugia.

Uniform Object’s art-driven creative process sets the brand apart from its competitors. With an emphasis on concept and stimulation, Farrugia draws inspiration from boundary-breaking avant-garde aesthetics and artisanal practices. Finding itself at a cross section between timeless elegance, and subversive futurism – Farrugia brings to life a wealth of conceptual backing through 18k gold, diamonds, and precious gems.

Born into a family of engineers and artists, Farrugia is a self-taught, multidisciplinary designer. Oscillating between almost every facet of consumer product goods, Farrugia has tried his hand at sourcing, manufacturing, design, and branding. Seeking an outlet for his luxurious impulses, Farrugia and his partner founded Uniform Object – at long last able to pour his conceptually-driven product design into one singular outlet.